What Makes the 2017 Volvo XC90 So Special

Here at Tom Wood Volvo, we tend to fall in love with all of our automobiles, but the new Volvo XC90 has been especially enjoyable to show off to potential customers simply because it does so many entertaining and convenient things. In fact, Cadie Thompson of Business Insider recently wrote an article titled, "14 Impressive Features in the Volvo XC90 SUV" that highlights just how terrific and unique the model really is.

While we won't repeat those 14 things here in their entirety, there are a handful of great Volvo XC90 features that bear repeating simply because they really do make this vehicle one of the most memorable in its competitive segment.

For starters, the infotainment system is gorgeous and provides drivers with a bevy of easy-to-use features, most notably of which is the customizable Apple CarPlay operating system and the slick navigation system. In fact, the navigation system also includes a neat feature that lets drivers spell out their destination one letter a time by drawing it with their finger on the control pad. That could be much easier than typing that out one letter at time and is pretty cool in a technological sense to boot!

The Volvo XC90 also features some slick new advanced safety technologies like blind spot monitoring and lane-keeping assistance, both of which keep drivers safer than they've ever been before.

As your Volvo dealership serving Zionsville, IN, we are incredibly excited about this lavish workhorse, particularly in terms of all the slick new technology that lies therein. If you're interested in taking one for a test drive, please come pay us a visit any time and one of our sales associates will get you all set up!

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