Volvo Working on Car-to-Car Communication

We already know that cars are smarter than they've ever been, thanks in large part to high-tech infotainment systems and plenty of cutting edge advanced safety technology features. But there are even smarter cars heading our way and Volvo has every intention of being at the forefront of that next big movement.

More specifically, Volvo is hoping to develop vehicles that can communicate with each other in an attempt to increase safety and give other drivers more information about the path ahead than they've ever had before.

Car-to-car communication is the future of driver assistance, and as we move closer and closer to self-driving automobiles, it's this kind of tech that will make the concept feasible in a real, everyday context.

How the technology works is that cars literally will be able to "talk" with each other on the roads, which means maintaining safe following distances, avoiding crashes, and even giving important information that helps keep real-time traffic as accurate and updated as it possibly can be.

Volvo, which plans on putting this technology in its 90 series by the end of the year, understands that the number of Volvo XC90, Volvo V90, and Volvo S90 vehicles out on American highways can only go so far in making this crowd-sourced information truly useful, but it's only a first step. Eventually all cars will feature this type of technology, and that's when we'll see it become even more practical. Somebody has to get it started, though, and here at Tom Wood Volvo we're thrilled to know that the vehicles we sell in Indianapolis, IN will help jump-start the movement toward even safer and smarter automobiles.

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