Introducing the 2017 Volvo XC90 Excellence


While the Indy Auto Show is a great way for people in Indianapolis and Zionsville, IN to check out some of the latest and greatest things happening in the auto industry, we also always look forward to attending the Chicago Auto Show every February. This year, those car lovers willing to make the two-hour journey north were treated to some really exciting things, particularly from the Volvo brand, which used the platform to introduce a new 2017 Volvo XC90 Excellence model.

The vehicle is a gorgeous plug-in hybrid SUV that serves as the ultra-luxurious version of the automaker's lauded Volvo XC90. One of the most obvious differences is that the second row features seats identical to the front, making this a roomier, four-passenger vehicle than the seven passengers that typically fit inside. Further, these seats feature massages, extra ventilation and little folding tables, while there also is a fridge inside the vehicle, heated/cooled cup holders, and hand-made crystal glasses. It really does show Tom Wood Volvo customers just how lavish this vehicle can be.

"The Volvo XC90 Excellence is a fantastic expanded version of Volvo's idea of luxury. It brings together fantastic materials, uncompromising safety and performance into an amazing package," said Lex Kerssemakers, President and CEO of Volvo Car USA, "This car exposes Volvo to a new type of buyer."

While it's not something that we'll have in stock any time soon, the fact that Volvo designers were able to put something together that's so amazing shows the boundless possibilities of this vehicle and this automaker. With auto show season in full swing, we honestly can't wait to see what amazing automobiles they come up with next!

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