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How old are your tires? If you’ve had them for so long you’re not sure, it could be time for a new set. There are also red flags to look out for that will let you know when it’s time for new tires.


How Do You Know You Need New Tires?

It is time for new tires if you have noticed any of these issues:


Loss of traction

If you really have to mash the brake pedal in your Volvo SUV because your tires are struggling to gain traction, that’s a bad sign. And when conditions get icy in Indianapolis, your poor tread depth will put you and your passengers in danger, so be sure to get your tires replaced and repaired responsibly.



If your tires vibrate while driving, the problem could be with your suspension. But if you get it fixed and still experience vibrations, it’s probably an issue with the steel and polyester bands in the tire.


Wobbling or Bouncing

If the car wobbles or bounces or the steering wheel moves by itself, this is an indication that the belts in the tire could have separated. This results in pressurized air pressing on the rubber tread, which creates a bubble, compromising your vehicle’s efficiency and safety.


Humming or Thumping Sound

Any sort of out of the ordinary noise is usually a bad sign. If you hear a humming sound, this could be a chopped tread, which indicates a lack of rotation. If you hear something that sounds like a thump, this is probably a flat spot on a tire. In either case, you should bring your Volvo car into our dealership right away.

If you need a new tire or two, the service center at our Indianapolis Volvo dealership will make sure you get exactly what your vehicle needs.

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