4 Great Accessories for the Volvo XC60 Available Near Fishers

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When it comes to luxury and performance, few SUVs can compete with the Volvo XC60. The base model alone can give you everything you need, but there are always some Volvo accessories you can add to make it even better, such as:


Bicycle Holder

If you often bring bikes with you on your travels, a holder mounted to the top of your Volvo SUV will make transporting them easy. Made of fortified aluminum, it has diagonal quick-release straps that can be adjusted based on the tire width of your bikes.

Roof Box

The Volvo XC60 offers a lot of interior cargo space, but if you need more, the roof box can give it to you. With a volume of 12.4 cubic feet, you’ll be able to fit quite a lot in there. Easy to mount, the roof box has an aerodynamic design that minimizes wind resistance.

Steel Grille

Speaking of cargo, with a protective grille, you can be sure that your supplies will be secure in the back. Plus, you won’t have to worry about things being thrown forward that could hurt your passengers. The grille installs easily and, when it’s not being used it, can be folded against the roof.

Rear Sill Plate

Keeping your bumper protected from scratches. Made with a brushed stainless-steel finish, this cover will hold up no matter how much wear and tear it gets.

The parts department at Tom Wood Volvo can get any part you want for your Volvo XC60. Plus, our service center will make sure you get an expert installation. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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