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Because we’re all so busy, it can be easy to forget about (or just plain ignore) important, time-consuming tasks. This is why car maintenance is often relegated to the backburner. But if you want your Volvo to have a nice long lifespan and always give you excellent performance, regular service is vital. 


What Could Go Wrong if Your Car Doesn’t Get Serviced?

A lot, actually. Not only will the resulting repairs or replacement be a nuisance, but they will almost certainly by very expensive. Let’s say you haven’t changed your oil in a couple of years and your car dies. You’ll just get it towed to a mechanic for an oil change, right? Well, not so fast. It’s very possible that your car is out of oil, which caused the engine to seize up. This means that you’re in for a major repair or you’ll need a new engine.

Perhaps your brakes have been squeaking for a long time and you’ve just gotten used to the sound? That noise is an alarm warning you that something is wrong. In many cases, it may be that the brake pads are wearing down and need to be replaced. But if you wait until they’re completely worn through, you’ll have metal rubbing on metal, and eventually, you will destroy the rotors. Not only does this create an extremely dangerous situation while driving, it’s another costly replacement.

Get the Volvo Service You need at Tom Wood Volvo

The worst thing you can do if you notice something wrong with your car is to ignore it. If your car isn’t performing well or there are some odd noises or smells, get in touch with our Volvo dealership near Noblesville. The technicians in our service department will figure out what’s wrong and make sure you get an expert repair. Plus, we can pick up your car at your home or office and bring in back when the work is done.
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