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Determining Your New Car Budget


When you’re ready to pick out the perfect new car for your family, Tom Wood Volvo is the Volvo dealership you can rely on. We carry a wide inventory of new and pre-owned cars and SUVs, and our expert team is here to help you find your dream vehicle.

But it doesn’t stop there. We also want to make it as easy and convenient as possible to budget for and finance your new…

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The Best in Safety at Tom Wood Volvo


When it comes to getting behind the wheel of a great new Volvo car, there’s no better place to go than Tom Wood Volvo. We carry the new and pre-owned models of all your favorite vehicles, equipped with top of the line safety and security features you can trust. Because no one knows safety like Volvo.

We understand that keeping your family safe is your number one priority. That’s why our cars come…

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Volvo Safety For Your New Driver


When it comes to putting your new driver behind the wheel, turn to Tom Wood Volvo, your trusted Volvo dealership, for vehicles you and your new driver will love. It can be challenging to find the right vehicle for a new driver, but our team is here to help you pick from a wide inventory of new and pre-owned cars and small SUVs.

Because when you’re ready to let them drive themselves, you’ll…

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The Benefit to Buying CPO

Tom Wood Volvo is the Volvo dealership you can rely on for a wide inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles your whole family is sure to love. Our expert team is dedicated to putting you behind the wheel of the perfect car for your needs today and to keeping it running smoothly and safely for years to come. That’s why we offer great car care and maintenance options and financing choices to fit your needs.
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The 2019 Volvo XC60: Leading the Way


Interested in the latest and greatest Volvo SUVs? Visit Tom Wood Volvo. Our inventory is plentiful, and among our many four-wheeled gems is the award-winning 2019 Volvo XC60.

Even though it was redesigned just last year, the Volvo design team saw fit to increase this luxury midsize SUVs appeal even further. Thus the baseline 2019 Volvo XC60 Momentum adds a 12-volt outlet in the backseat, heated wiper blades, and heated seats (essential if you’re…

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Summer Maintenance At Tom Wood Volvo

Indianapolis, IN is a beautiful city in the summertime. It's a beautiful city in the wintertime, frankly, but the cold, ice, and snow make it a whole lot harder to get around. Now that road conditions aren't an issue, we find ourselves deep into road trip season, but for any of our Indianapolis Volvo customers considering such a trip, we recommend getting a little bit of summer maintenance done beforehand.

First of all…
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Great Volvo Road Trips from Indianapolis, IN

Anybody who has lived in Indianapolis, IN long enough knows that there is plenty to do right here in the city, but that shouldn't stop folks from exploring the rest of the state of Indiana. The reality is that the new or pre-owned Volvo vehicles you purchased right here at Tom Wood Volvo are good for a whole lot more than just in-town visits. Part of their appeal is their value as road trip…
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The History of the Volvo V40

The first Volvo automobile was built in 1927 in Sweden, which probably explains why few companies inspire as much pride in the Swedish people as Volvo Cars. Over the decades, there have been a number of truly excellent automobiles to have rolled off of Volvo assembly lines, but because of the innovation that comes with time, the current stable of models shares little with those other models outside of the brand name.

In the 1960s…
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