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Celebrate National Car Care Month


There’s no better way to celebrate National Car Care Month than to take your Volvo SUV or car down to Tom Wood Volvo to get the maintenance you and your car deserve. There are many great reasons to keep up with routine service. To start, regular inspections and fill-ups are the best way to keep your vehicle safe on the road and to prevent costly repairs that may come from accidents or wear and…

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Spring Car Care You Can Rely On


Here at Tom Wood Volvo, we know you rely on your Volvo SUV to keep yourself and your family safe all winter long. And now you can rely on our team to keep your Volvo SUV, car or wagon safe in the new season. Whether your car hits the icy streets or stays tucked away for winter, you’ll still want to have a seasonal inspection and service performed to make sure all the systems…

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Summer Maintenance At Tom Wood Volvo

Indianapolis, IN is a beautiful city in the summertime. It's a beautiful city in the wintertime, frankly, but the cold, ice, and snow make it a whole lot harder to get around. Now that road conditions aren't an issue, we find ourselves deep into road trip season, but for any of our Indianapolis Volvo customers considering such a trip, we recommend getting a little bit of summer maintenance done beforehand.

First of all…
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Why Genuine Volvo Parts Matter


When we look at a new Volvo XC60 or Volvo S90, we see the vehicle as a whole, but any mechanic or service technician can tell you that if even one integral part is broken, installed incorrectly, or not working properly, that gorgeous "whole" of a car isn't going to be of much use to you.

The parts that Volvo engineers design to make these automobiles work all are integral, from the largest of…
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Enjoy Parking Sensors on New Volvo Models

Usually, parking is pretty easy. Most Indianapolis Volvo drivers can slide into a standard parking spot without even really having to think about it, but it's the fact that most people don't think while paring that leads to so many parking-lot fender benders, to say nothing of the difficulty attached to parallel parking.

Volvo engineers have helped to ebb some of those difficulties by coming up with advanced parking sensors that help guide…
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Experience the Volvo Service Advantage Today

We all know that when it comes to buying a vehicle Volvo is a stylish, safe, and dependable choice. But what can you expect after you've made a Volvo your own?

How about a complimentary Service Program with no sign-up required and no cost to you? When it comes to service, only Volvo can deliver the value you deserve. Whether it's our expertly trained technicians, our field-tested Volvo repair methods, or our Volvo Genuine Parts - we want to help you...
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