Usually, parking is pretty easy. Most Indianapolis Volvo drivers can slide into a standard parking spot without even really having to think about it, but it's the fact that most people don't think while parking that leads to so many parking-lot fender benders, to say nothing of the difficulty attached to parallel parking.

Volvo engineers have helped to ebb some of those difficulties by coming up with advanced parking sensors that help guide automobiles into spots without any dings or scratches. There are sensors located all over a number of automobiles, each of which is designed to beep and pulse with increasing rapidity as the driver inches closer to an obstacle. By the time they are within one foot of an object, the beeps are constant so drivers know exactly when they're in a position to bump into something.

The rear parking sensors give a little more leeway but perform the same function. They also are deactivated automatically for a Volvo model that may be towing a trailer. Furthermore, the sensors don't always catch objects that are higher up, like a loading dock or something similar, and things like chains or shiny poles can confuse the sensors as well. Knowing all this, it's important for drivers to make sure they're aware of what's around them, even when using the parking sensors.

If you'd like to see this technology in person, head on over to your Volvo dealership near Carmel and we'll get you up close and personal with a model equipped with these sensors. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how effective they are, and both you and your insurance carrier will be glad to know that you're being proactive in preventing those annoying and costly parking-lot accidents from happening.
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